Lisa Dietrich

Chief Editor

Movement, travel and Yoga have been a constant and defining part of Lisa's path, which has led her, with many colorful detours in the arts, life in New York City, and years spent traveling the world as a US University representative to her new home in Freiburg, Germany where she teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga among the Black Forest's fir trees. With Lisa's eclectic background and curiosity about the blossoming international Yoga community, it was love at first sight with Supersoul when they met in India in 2014. Lisa's thirst for yoga knowledge, her energetic spirit, and her sharp yogic focus make her a perfect fit for the Supersoul team. With extensive experience in building-relationships, first through her work at University recruitment, and more recently through teaching yoga, Lisa is the catalyst behind the growing Supersoul community. Lisa is in charge of our Supersoul Musings Blog, and an important connector to our friends and fans in Germany. When she's not lovingly teaching or enthusiastically cultivating the Supersoul Community, she can be found traipsing through the Black Forest on foot or horseback, or digging in earth in her vegetable garden.

Photo credit: Elena Alger


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