Joanna Lewins

Teacher. Reiki Master. Healer.

Born and raised all over the UK, Jo has always been a gypsy soul at heart, and is now based between Bali & Ibiza. Her desire to break free and live an "out of the ordinary life" led her to her soul purpose in life. Over the last few years she has been traveling and studying Reiki, Body Work, Yoga & Water Healing Dance, specialising as a Reiki Master & Teacher. She continues to deepen her knowledge in all areas through continued study & practice, and her work is now taking her to Bali, Goa, & Europe.

Her desire to share these powerful healing modalities came from self healing disease in her own body a few years ago. In this fast paced world we live in, her passion is to create safe spaces to allow others to go on their own self healing journeys, so that they too may live from their hearts space and create the life they truly want. It's about stillness, listening, trusting, a deep knowing and going with the flow.

"The thing with Jo is that she never once felt like a "Practitioner" of a skill, you know in your bones that it's more; she is a spiritual healer."

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Croatia, Brac Island Retreat 22-29 June, 2019

Brac Island, Croatia….if you have never been, you are in for a beautiful treat. This is will be our 6th annual retreat led by Nina Vukas, in Croatia - one of our favorite destinations....

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