By Lisa and Nazareno

Here's a sweet and juicy sequence from our Bali and Portugal-based dream-team, Lisa and Nazareno. They designed this flow especially for all of you surf-and-Yoga lovers out there - getting deep into surfer's shoulders and thighs and preparing you to paddle out and catch the perfect wave.

1. Begin in downward facing dog - take a few deep breaths.

Ado Mukha Svanasana

2. Step your right foot forward between your hands. Lower the back knee into a low lunge. Raise your torso up and place your right hand on the right knee, bending your left knee. If possible, reach back and grab your left foot from the inside, pulling it  gently towards the buttocks. Hold for a couple of breaths.


3. Step back into down dog, paddle out your feet and take a few breaths.

4. Flow through a vinyasa to clear that out: roll forward into plank - lower to chaturanga dandasana - upward facing dog - downward facing dog.


5. Step your left foot forward between your hands. Lower the back knee. Rise up into a low lunge. Place the left hand on the thigh. Bend the back knee. If possible grab the back foot and pull gently towards the buttocks. Stay for a few breaths.

6. Step back into downward facing dog.

7. Move through a vinyasa or stay and breathe for a few breaths in downward facing dog.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

8. Bring the right shin forward - pigeon pose. Stay for 10-15 breaths.

Pigeon Pose

9. Swing the left leg forward. Come into gomukhasana. Right arm up, left arm behind the back, take hold of hands or use a piece of clothing. Stay and breathe for 10-15 breaths.


10. Release the arms, walk back to down dog to move through a vinyasa or pause in down dog.

11. Left shin forward. Pigeon pose, second side. 10 - 15 breaths.

12. Swing your right leg forward - come into gomukhasana. Bring  the left arm up, right down, bend the elbows and interlace the fingers behind your back/ hold a piece of clothing. 10-15 breaths.

13. Move through a vinyasa or come to downward facing dog.

14. Make your way to lying flat on your belly. We'll transition to a couple of Yin positions now, so you don't need to push or pull - no effort needed. Bring your forearms to the ground for sphinx pose and then stretch your right arm under the left so you bring the right shoulder all the way down to the floor. Stay for a few minutes, relax, breathe and enjoy.

Shoulder stretch

15. For the second Yin pose, come back to lying on your belly and stretch the right arm all the way to the right side, making sure that your palm is line with your forehead. Look to the left and bring your right ear to the ground. Slowly, with the help of your left hand, begin to turn the left side of your torso towards the sky, rolling onto your right side. If you want to go deeper, bend your left knee and step your left foot behind your right leg. You can stay here or go deeper still by interlacing your fingers to you bring your hands together behind your back.

Shoulder stretch

14. Rest in savasana

If you loved this, join Nazareno and Lisa for a week of Bali magic this February! So much goodness, sunshine, Yoga play and great surf await!

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner


What makes Lisa's classes special are her playful and creative vinyasa sequences, infused with sweet, intentional hands-on adjustments and a commitment to focused breathing.

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Nazareno Grisolia


Nazareno, born and raised in Uruguay, is an international Yoga teacher and co-founder of Inspiro Yoga, traveling the world offering uplifting and playful Vinyasa Flow classes and workshops at international festivals and retreats.

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