Photos from the Retreat

Manifestation is making an intention from the heart, and then surrendering to the flow of life moving through you. 
This process does not take place through the effort of the mind. 
Notice how things go more smoothly when we allow them to happen, instead of making them happen. 
In surrender mode our hearts guide our actions.  
In surrender mode it’s all about the big-picture.  
Guided by the faith that the universe supports us at every turn, there is no need for fixating on the details. 

This was the wisdom that inspired our Summerlovin’ retreat with Nina Vukas in Croatia. 

When we moved our retreat to a brand new beachside location on Brac Island, invited a new chef, and fine-tuned this annual retreat programme- the universe listened. 

A wonderful, open-hearted group of the most wonderful yoginis gathered from over 5 countries; glowing with radiance, guided by freedom, sharing their laughter and magical energy! 
We watched this manifestation with awe!
Here are some precious memories from our week.

See you in Brac in 2018, or join one of our retreats in Ibiza or Nepal


All photos by Sanjin Kastelan 

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Nina Vukas


Nina's considerable Yoga knowledge, her proven experience as a teacher, and manager of Yoga related projects, her passion for travel, and integrity with which she approaches the world, make her an essential member of the Supersoul team.

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Croatia, Brac Island Retreat 22-29 June, 2019

Brac Island, Croatia….if you have never been, you are in for a beautiful treat. This is will be our 6th annual retreat led by Nina Vukas, in Croatia - one of our favorite destinations....

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