Memories which never fade

Traveling to Nepal feels like journeying to the source, like connecting into a collective knowing that gently nudges us to discover our own greater purpose in life. 

Benevolent, ancient and patient, the wild landscape at the foot of the Himalaya has cradled the development of such wisdom – and it cradles those who come with an open mind and heart as well.

nepal yoga retreat

At least that’s how many of us felt during this 10-day retreat guided by the wonderfully inspiring and endlessly knowledgeable Ellen Johannesen.

A feeling that there are no coincidences and that a certain synchronicity brought this curious group of people together to breathe, practice, meditate and trek through the Himalayan landscapes and holy sites. To laugh and sing together, and to become life-long friends. 

nepal yoga retreat

This feeling permeates strongly when details and plans fall into place with little effort, when it’s easy to trust and flow as long we are open and willing to learn and receive.

That was the takeaway of this magical time! 

Scroll down for some beautiful photos by Ellis Del Sol & Supersoul.Yoga, and testimonials from our beloved retreaters!

nepal yoga retreat

We can't wait to be back to Nepal this fall, with two new dates: 
Ashtanga Yoga Journey through Kathmandu Valley with Ellen Johannesen, September 25-October 3, 2019
Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Irena Bartolec, October 25-November 2, 2019


Thank you so much, it was an amazing experience and I will keep all these extraordinary moments in my mind for a very long time. I think I am now deeply in love with Nepal! Thanks a lot to Ellen for being such a precious guide for our Yoga and meditation practice and also to help us discover Nepal. JL

Feeling energized and close to enlightened after spending 10 days with Ellen, Supersoul, and 18 including, kind and funny co yogis in the Kathmandu Valley. Had a memorable trip of culture, food, nature, kind people, great locations and yoga and meditation with an experienced yoga teacher. I would love to come back one day in this or another life (if such a thing:) I can warmly recommend this to every yogi-beginners or advanced practitioners! IT

I got so much positive energy from this trip. Happy to bring it home now. Thank you for that!

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