"Somewhere along our journey of awakening, with all its struggles, joys, and disappointments, ecstasy will be revealed, as a confirmation, a blessing, a message from the Source. Then all that remains is to live with joy, love, and laughter."

~ Margot Anand, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

Ecstatic Dance is... a freeform conscious dance journey, typically 90-120 minutes long. In this space, we enter the agreement to speak through our bare feet, and only the language of our bodies and through the music.


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To access the ecstasy...

In our bodies. In our breath.

In our laughter. In our pain.

In our creativity. In witnessing our collective releasing inhibitions.

Ecstasy is not the drug we commonly know ~ It is built into our souls... We just need to find those cracks: within the mind, within patterns, and those deadly automatic routines. So many of us are starving! Ready for a way out of the mundane and into the expanses of the full self; a level of freedom and awareness that floods everyday life with vital energy.

Ecstatic Dance

And this movement of reclaiming our wild, ecstatic natures through dance is rising like a phoenix. Ecstatic Dance is a path in itself... like Yoga, it is a map of self-discovery. Spreading across cities and communities, uniting people through conscious music and inviting you as you are. Messy and wild... letting the music take you to infinite joy, accessing points of ecstasy that no lover could ever locate, or plunging into sorrow that no torturer could ever devise. Surrendering to a healing journey through the terrain of the body, into the heart, past your mind into another dimension of existence, a dimension we call Ecstasy...

... that moment. When you commune with Spirit.

A long initiation, which requires living and dancing. In your bedroom, a club, through the streets and the aisles of a supermarket... it takes discipline to connect with this free spirit.

And once you find it, you'll find quicker and quicker pathways to finding your Ecstasy.

Below are magical moments of ecstasy in movement during one summer in Croatia with Raio & sôfrēē, captured by the wonderful Sanjin Kaštelan.


Sophie Sôfrēē

Teacher. Musician. Ecstatic DJ

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