Synchronicities: the story of a beautiful morning in Kathmandu

Each day brings meaningful synchronicities: people, places or events which our souls attract into our lives.

When they happen, it can feel like a subtle sign, a personal cosmic message, revealing a deeper meaning of and connectedness in our existence. 

It is why we are here. It is how our reality unfolds. 

For example, the beautiful story of our photoshoot with Ellen Johannesen during our last Nepal Retreat

yoga retreat nepal

It’s early morning at Durbar Square Patan-the UNESCO protected site of the ancient royal palace of the Kathmandu Kingdom. Our team starts off early, looking for a quiet spot, but the square is already bustling with life; food stalls pulling in, locals rushing to work, children chasing pigeons joyfully. 

Local women in red saris chant mantras, and enchant passersby with their warm smiles. With open hearts they call us closer, eagerly inviting us to join the clapping. 

It's so obvious- this is a perfect stage for our shoot- and it feels like it was created for us. nepal yoga retreat

As Ellen floats through the asanas with ease, the locals gather around, amused by her advanced skills. 

Their pride- of the history of this sacred site, their local square- where their children play, is evident. The bliss of the ongoing kirtan permeates the whole square, the chanting weaving a rhythmic tapestry - a perfect soundtrack to our filming. 

People stop to observe - and then carry on feeding the square pigeons. 

A dog kisses Ellen’s face as she breathes through titibasana. 

yoga retreat nepal

A little girl strikes a tree pose, joining in. 

Ellen, a Kathmandu local herself, seamlessly blends into this world of lived devotion. 

We are humbled by the synchronicity of this scene, this divine scenography weaving the ancient and the modern practice together, mirroring the soul of magical Nepal.

It feels precious to be a part of this magic.

yoga retreat nepal


Join Ellen Johannesen this fall as we return to Nepal for another unforgettable Yoga Journey through the Kathmandu Valley.

September 25-October 3, 2019


Photos: Ellis del Sol

Ellen Johannesen


Ellen Johannesen- Ashtanga Yoga Level 2 Authorized KPJAYI Teacher

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